Parole is the release of the prisoner and will be a temporary release. It has certain conditions before the completion of the maximum sentence period. This term is associated at the time of Middle Ages with the release of prisoners who had given their word.

Probation,Bail and Payrol

It refers to the period of time after a defendant is freed from prison. An offender on parole would face many of the same rules or precautions as probation. Conditions for parole might include demanding the offender to stay in middle house or continuing with payment of fines and other financial responsibilities.Parole is always granted to those people who have been imprisoned for a particular time period. It follows stringent rules to the letter, or they can be returned to custody with extra time for the violation of the parole.
They are required to visit their parole officer on a regular basis and have to pay for his or her services. In certain cases, being even a minute or two late will be considered as a violation. A few have been returned to custody for the violation of parole when they have a traffic infringement, although it is not common at all.
An additional function of Parole is to try to reintegrate offender into society. Probation or parole can be amended or changed depending on the nature of their offense and conditions of Probation.


Probation means a period of time before a person is actually sent to a prison or a jail.Instead of pronouncing the sentence and send to jail the judges gives an opportunity for defendants to show that they want to assimilate themselves when defendants receive probation.
Parole can be described as early release from prison conditionally, served in the community and must also follow to specific conditions.
Probation is reported to a Probation officer. Probation mostly is given to first-time offenders and nonviolent crimes. Probation are revoked by Judge.


Bail is defined as money or some form of property which is deposited in a court. It is a security used for the release of a suspect who has been arrested from custody and there will be a condition that the suspect will return for their trial and in the court appearances.
Bail is used for the release of suspects from imprisonment pre-trial. It ensures their return for the trial. If the suspects do not return to the court, the bail will be forfeited, and the suspect will be brought up based on charges of the crime. When the suspect returns with making all their required appearances, bail will be returned after the trial is settled. There are cases in which the bail money is returned at the end of the trial.
Bail is provided before a trial as it allows the person who is charged with a crime to be released from the jail until the trial date. The cost of the bail is determined by the judge. It is necessary that one has to pay 10% of the bail amount, and also the bail bondsman will negotiate it. There will be a full payment is due for the circumstances called for it.

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